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About Our Sober Monitoring Services

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Active Recovery, as featured in LA Weekly, is on a mission to help you deal with life after treatment and early recovery. Maintaining sobriety and mental health recovery presents with a whole new set of challenges. These obstacles are what our team is committed to helping you overcome.

Our recovery team offers a complete system of support and monitoring intended to empower you in your journey. You'll be more prepared to handle temptation after teaming up with Active Recovery, no matter the event or venue.

Our sober companions and recovery coaches are your steadfast partners. dedicated to assisting you in developing healthy coping skills through the pursuit of positive interests. This worthwhile experience with our team is vital as you seek guidance and support.

Active Recovery is committed to ensuring that every step taken is one closer to sustained sobriety.

We view our approach as a collaboration with our members, with each core service focused on the important goal of maintaining sobriety. This aspect is what sets our program apart, making it not only effective but also transformative for individuals in search of a fresh start.

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How Does Our Monitoring Program Work?

Our monitoring program provides a thorough and supportive approach to recovery and mental well-being.

Every recovery coach is trained and experienced in empathetic guiding. Their primary focus is on addressing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

Active Recovery has developed a 12-step meeting program aimed at promoting healthy coping skills and encouraging personal accountability for a sustainable life of sobriety.

Our mental health companions offer a safe and empathetic space for sharing and personal growth.

Additionally, Our sober companions are available around the clock, providing hands-on support, guidance, and accountability. Their responsibilities include helping with daily routines, managing triggers, and offering companionship.

These professionals will stick by your side throughout your journey, offering unwavering support every step of the way.

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Who Benefits from Sober Monitors?

Sober monitors play an important role for those who are on the path to sobriety.

Transitioning back to daily life after addiction treatment can be tough. The absence of a structured environment provided by rehab significantly increases the risk of relapse. Sober monitors serve as guides and pillars of support during this challenging time.

These monitors are especially beneficial for people who have experienced relapses. They help in identifying the root causes of drinking and substance use, promoting the development of healthier habits.

For anyone struggling to maintain sobriety after treatment, especially in a situation when you're around alcohol, sober monitors offer a source of strength and accountability.

Overall, sober monitors are suited for anyone battling addiction, relapse, or struggling to stay sober amid life's challenges.

Why Choose Active Recovery As Your Monitor?

Opting for Active Recovery's sober monitoring equips you with a powerful ally in your recovery journey.

Our standout feature lies in our ability to serve clients at all stages of recovery. We blend professional expertise with heartfelt care for every individual in our program. This commitment is the reason why we carefully tailor plans suited to your unique needs.

We bring the same careful assessment to understand the underlying reasons for your addiction, and our recovery team provides effective support for post-treatment challenges or relapse prevention. Our comprehensive approach offers emotional, mental, and spiritual support to help you flourish in your new, sober life.

By choosing us, you are not simply accessing services; you are entering into a partnership dedicated to your lasting sobriety and overall well-being. To us, you are not just a business transaction; you are a valued person deserving of a return to normalcy in life.

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How Can We Help?

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Active Recovery Companions: Your trusted source for sober companions, sober coaches, and sober transport services. Our experienced professionals provide personalized support, guidance, and accountability, helping you achieve lasting sobriety and a fulfilling life in recovery. Let us be your partner in the journey to wellness.
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