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“Active Recovery will set your mind at ease, and will bring calm to the storm, making you realize it was one of the best decisions you made during one of life's most challenging times facing you and your family!”


"Set your mind at ease during one of life's most challenging times"

On two separate occasions, Active Recovery has 'come to the rescue', to help with the transport and relocation of a family member from one psychiatric facility to another.  Both incidents required extensive travel, over state lines, while our family member was not yet stable and still heavily medicated. [Companion] stayed with us, either in a hotel, or one or more of our homes, for multiple days, during times that were not only stressful, but also extremely private & sensitive in nature.  It didn't take long to realize Taylor is a true pro at what he does. He maintained a calm demeanor throughout these tenuous times and was insightful about how we might handle different situations, not just during the crises, but also going forward, into the future. There's no doubt he respects our family's privacy, and exhibited a genuine sensitivity and concern for the well-being, and ultimate recovery of our family member, and how the circumstances were impacting the rest of the family.   I trust Active Recovery implicitly, including but not limited to trusting them with my, and any of my family members' lives, but also with all our 'things', and driving our vehicles. More importantly, I trust that our privacy will be maintained forever and ever. [Companion] one in a million decent guy, whom I cannot recommend highly enough to help out in a crisis.

I wish you and your family all the best through the situation you're dealing with, requiring Active Recovery services.  I can assure you, you can't go wrong hiring them, they’ll set your mind at ease, and will bring calm to the storm, making you realize it was one of the best decisions you made during one of life's most challenging times facing you and your family.

I'm happy to discuss my family's experience with [Active Recovery] further, should you have any questions or concerns before hiring him.  Please feel free to call anytime.

-Adrienne K.


"Active Recovery always acted with thoughtfulness and deep concern for the needs of the client"

It is my sincere pleasure to write this personal letter of reference for Active Recovery.  Not only is Taylor a person of sterling character who possesses an impeccable work ethic, but he is good hearted and fun to work with.  

In this capacity Active Recovery always acted with thoughtfulness and deep concern for the needs of the client, while maintaining solid awareness of  procedures and guidelines.  I always felt confident in his ability to assess and resolve even the most complex situation and make sound decisions, often in circumstances which were quite complex.

This brings me to personal characteristics Taylor possesses which make him so enjoyable to work with. In addition to being reliable, good natured and hardworking, [Companion] is also a stand out when it comes to ethical behavior while maintaining an easy going and positive disposition.  I could always count on him to provide a creative, helpful and often funny take on the sometimes dramatic and challenging circumstances that developed in the course of a work day.

I wish him great success in every endeavor and would consider any organization very fortunate to have him.

-Cori F.


“I would not hesitate for one second”

On December 30, 2016, our family was awaiting the arrival of 2 people.  My son was coming back to live with me after a substantial time away at behavioral therapy school and a treatment center. I had worked with his “team” to try and put a transition plan in place and was comfortable that we had all the “structure” basis covered.  I was however very concerned that without a strong male figure (single mom) that was a mentor and sober example, things could deteriorate quickly.

The history which had gotten us to this point was long and painful.  Myself, as well as my son’s sister, were anxious that this transition would work.  My son was also scared that things would fall apart and had his own challenges to master.

In comes, the arrival of the other person, Taylor, mentor, sober living coach, and quite frankly, all around answer to our prayers.

From the moment of meeting Taylor and getting acquainted, I grew more comfortable and confident that the decision to bring him into our home and to work with my son was a good one.  Taylor has an incredible kindness, empathy, strength and humility that is beautiful. He was tremendously supportive, to my son, and worked hard as a strong communicator when challenges came up between my son and I.  He also, spent time helping my son build relationships with healthy peers, and get involved in our community, one where my son had not grown up in. Without Taylor's commitment, guidance and intervention my son would not be in the good place he is today.  Taylor exercised just the right amount of balance in recreating healthy boundaries for my son to be able to transition in. His knowledge and experience made him credible, and his good nature made him easy to like.

I would not hesitate for one second, to recommend Active Recovery.  They excel at what they do, and give hope in what may seem to be a hopeless and challenging place for families.  

-Mimi C


"Companion is both extremely honest as well as a man of integrity"

My name is Chris F. I am a paid Professional Firefighter. I have been employed with the City of Monterey Fire Department for 10 years. Taylor is both extremely honest as well as a man of integrity. He's both passionate about  his profession as a Recovery Specialist and also works extremely hard at it. He takes great pride in being a Recovery Specialist. If you have any questions about Taylor as a friend or in a professional setting feel free to contact me.

-Chris F.

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